Week 2 and week 3 with MKMMA

Wow a little late, but week 2 was really a strugle for me, working shifts. Prepare a house for selling and running mutiple businesses. Short nights long days. Now in week 3 I have to find time too. But I getting into the ritme of new habbits. Changing my DPM reading it out load every day with enthousiasm. I t really change my mind into better. Couple of years ago I followed a course of T Harv Eker, he learned us to say to yourself “lucrative opportunities alwas come my way”, and you know. It really works, i see new oppotunities everyday. Wow.. It’s almost the same we learn at the MKMMA. It’s was amazing how you can programm yourself for the better. As a kid I always did that too, and it worked. But we get older and programmed by studying and work, so we forget this. That’s what Mark explaines with the golden budha, a beautyfull story.


My First week in MKMMA

Dear Reader,

I am really glad that I starded with the Master Key Course. But this start is not the easiest start. It came with a lot of distubtions and hick-ups, and at last my computer broke down. Now I am typing this from a really smallĀ  laptop, and patience is key now because it’s not a quick one. But no compains, it’s working! I managed it to write a blog post. I wrote my first DMP this week, my defenite major purpose. But it still in progress, because words are the most important things in the world as I learned in the course. Wow I have to work on that. Changing my words, but it really helps me to change my world wihin and out. And I am glad about that. You should try it yourself. Give yourself a present and join the Master Key Course for next year!